Ten Gigahertz Wideband Linking


27 March 2001
Today I modified one of the dish network down converters for 10 gigs.

Fig. 1 - Dish Network Downconverter

5 Apr 2001
I've started a page up of the conversion. The Dish Network Downconverter for 10 Gigs.

This is the fifth receiver I've converted. Work was previously done on the old Primestar stuff. I managed to save almost one hundred dishes and downconverters and 50 receivers from the land fill. Get'm if you can.

Fig. 2 - Primestar Downcomverter

I have started a group on Yahoo. It's an open forum and you can join it here: Tengigs at Yahoo

I have access to a mountain top here in northern Arizona that has shots at Flagstaff, Winslow, Holbrook, The White Mountains (where I live). And with a little more work could get down to the valley.

Fig. 3 - Map of Access

After signal testing, I'll work to link two sites with T1. There is room in the ten gig band for several T3's. Imagine Low-level 1.2 gig and 445 MHz repeaters tied together across the states.

March 31,2001
I've dusted off a couple of HP3781B and a HP3782B. Even if I start with a T1 link, I am shooting for modulation bandwidth of 54 MHz. I've modified a DRO built for 10.75 GHz to run at almost 11 GHz by cutting the cover off and soldering it back closer to the circuit. I've mixed it with a 700 MHz signal and it looks like I'm getting +0DBm signal. (I haven't gotten to the quantitative step yet nor built a filter to eliminate the image.). By using something like RF Micro Devices RF2402 to modulate the 700Mhz signal, I would expect to produce a pretty clean T3 capable channel.

T3 signal ready for transport

Here are some nice links:
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Best, Dan.

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